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Been Injured In An Auto Accident?
Let Dr. Eric Galla Help Fix You Up!

Searching for the BEST Oceanside Chiropractor?

Dr. Galla has extensive training and clinical experience in treating accident injuries. He has received advanced certification in whiplash and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Galla will document your case and assist you in the best recovery from start to finish.

Client Testimonials

  • Before I went to Galla Chiropractic I had low back pain. Once I told Dr. Galla my symptoms he immediately knew it was the sciatic nerve and confirmed it with x-rays. I had never experienced so much pain, I couldn't sleep, sit, or do anything. I was even having a hard time getting into my car and any little movement that I made would hurt so much. After a week of chiropractic care I started to feel less pain and was able to even sleep. After a month of chiropractic care I felt a lot better and was back to my regular schedule and with so much energy. I was so amazed that Dr. Galla not only helped me with my low back pain, but was also able to help me with my migraines. I have not had a migraine in months. Dr. Galla has helped me so much on my road to recovery. Thank you!

    Ayanet Ramos
  • I've known Dr. Rick Galla for over 15 years and have been adjusted by him on occasion in the past. Always walked out feeling better. I had an accident about 7 months ago that resulted in trauma to the neck and back and pain in the following months. I was also experiencing headaches up to 2 months after the accident. At this point, the neck pain and headaches are gone. I am still seeing him for treatment as there is still some pain in the lower back, but there has been good improvement there as well. He is caring, patient, and knows what he is doing. I definitely recommend him!

    Michael Park
  • I have experienced lower back issues for the past several years, and have never really done anything about it. 2 years ago, I blew out my back and a friend recommended Galla Chiropractic. I have felt a tremendous difference since working with Dr. Galla. I have yet to have severe back pain in the past two years, and also came to find that Dr. Galla's work has reduced the amount of headaches I used to endure. I have seen a few Chiropractors in the past, but I feel that Dr. Galla has been the best at alleviating my pain. Plus, he is just a really nice guy and really seems to care about his patients.

    Kelly Peters

Chiropractic Care
for Sports Injuries

We are an Oceanside Chiropractor, treating numerous athletes from all over the San Diego area. From football & soccer players, golfers, track and fielders, MMA fighters, Triathletes, tennis players, we treat them all!

If you’ve been injured playing a sport or during exercise don’t wait. Let Oceanside Chiropractor Dr. Eric Galla take a look at you and determine the best plan of action to get you back in the game as fast as possible!


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